Float switches, temperature sensors and more: quality made by ENGLER

ENGLER measurement and control technology stands for over 40 years of competence and innovation in the level, temperature and pressure technology branch. We offer a vast product range of modern float switches, temperature sensors and other products for level and temperature control. We focus hereby on providing the highest product quality and service for our customers.


All for level measuring and Co – all from one source

This goal we achieve by developing, manufacturing and selling our high-quality level sensors and temperature switches. That way you can rely hundred percent on each float switch, level sensor, temperature switch or other temperature indication or control and measurement tools –completely from one source by ENGLER. This does also apply to our spare parts and accessories for our temperature switches and any other solution for level and control technology.


Industrial level, temperature and pressure technology

Besides quality we also emphasize that we provide a versatile product orientation. Following this a level sensor, temperature sensor, float switch and numerous other products

is applied in diverse industrial branches. Potential application areas are for example in water treatment or in hydraulic and lubrication systems. In short: in any container or tank where temperature or level measurement is required. Please contact us to learn more about it!


Engler goes ATEX…

Engler goes ATEX...

We are proud to announce our new product family which is ATEX-certified now !

Certificate ISO 9001

ENGLER successfully recertified according to ISO 9001

Temperature sensor Stainless Steel

ENGLER Temperature sensor completely made of stainless steel.
The temperature sensor family of Engler offers the applier an individual and customized variety of goods.

Application range:

Food Industry, medical technology, chemical industry, mechanical and press engineering, plant engineering, Off-Shore applications……

ENGLER presents the float switch with contact adjustment

With the adjustable float switch ENGLER offers the possibility to adjust the level by a simple regulation of the switching point, in fact accurate to a millimeter according to customer requirements.

Series NAMW-40 Magnetostrictive Level Sensors

Engler provides with the series NAMW-40 a magnetostrictive sensor with very high accuracy for the level recognition…

Min Max Level Control MNS

Engler offers now as an add-on to the product line “float switches”
the possibility to upgrade the series with a competitive Min-Max-level control.

Series KS2010 Level and temperature compact sensor 2x 0...10V

Level and temperature compact sensor with two 0..10V outputs…

Series M60 Mini float switch

ENGLER sets the pattern with the series M60 for compact and efficient level control…